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Welcome to Southern California Firewood


We offer daily home delivery service to all parts of Los Angeles and Orange County.

Our woods are a product of land management programs, No National Forest Trees were cut to produce this firewood.

We promise to provide you with the finest service that is Courteous, convenient, quick service and delivery. Our woods are well aged, and ready to burn. Deliveries will be on time, and our drivers will always stack the wood to your preferred location and clean up any wood debris trails.

Our Firewood

• We have premium Firewood cut to size for a variety of usages Fireplace, Campfire, BBQ, Firepits.
• We offer many varieties and mixes of Hard and softwoods, including, OAK, Eucalyptus, Pinon, Pine, Mesquite, Fruit woods and many more.
• We have delivery routes to all parts of Southern California call for your route day.

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